maandag 13 juli 2009

I AM in Love

I am so in love with this Balmain-ish jacket from Dorothy Perkins (100 ponds).
I really love the punk/military style. Recently I sat on the tube in London and I saw this girl who had a red Liberteen jacket on. I absolutely LOVED it! I saw those jackets on the Notting Hill market, but I didn't thought that I would wear it... Now I can't stop thinking about wearing one. It's a shame. I should be ashamed.

Girls just want to have fun!

vrijdag 10 juli 2009


Recently I visited Amsterdam to do some shopping. I bought a couple of cool things. The one piece I love the most is my Zara maxi dress (DIY). I also love this H&M Trend sweater. It's not a summer sweater. I'll wear it in the fall/winter. I saw a few pieces from the new collection at Zara. I saw a few jersey blazers, really cool!!

(Sorry for the lousy pic's! I have to get more comfortable with my new camera).

Look at the sad sad SAD weather in Holland (C'est une catastrophe):


A few pictures from my gardin. It has been raining in Holland for a couple of days now. The rain is good for the plants and flowers. Kiki had a lot of fun following me around the gardin.


woensdag 8 juli 2009


Hi everyone!

This is my first message on my new blog. I got fed up with the old one (I had it for 2 months or so). This blog is going to be a bit more interesting. I bought a new camera, so I'll be posting a lot more pictures of my own.
In the future I will post pictures of my precious cat Kiki (of course), city pictures and I will also post fashion pictures that I love.

A bientot!